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Tax revenue

when South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis asked about local employment prospects.

There will also be holdover positions for maintenance/monitoring once the pipeline is finished.

Parisien said local involvement is "one piece of how we analyze in terms of choosing a general contractor."

"This is a huge project," TransCanada representative Alain Parisien told council Ray Ban Round Eyeglasses Men

South Dundas Ray Ban Clubmaster 3507

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Ray Ban Mirrored Wayfarer

"Absolutely, (local jobs are) one of our goals where ever possible in our procurement strategy," Parisien said of the Energy East Project.

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Parisien also tried to calm a fear, expressed by South Glengarry Mayor Ian McLeod, that the new pipelines have a greater chance to corrode, due to the harshness of the heavy oil.

Parisien exuded confidence the project will begin 2016 after TransCanada has satisfied the NEB's regulations, which includes community consultation.

Parisien said latest technology will help TransCanada meet current regulatins.

Mayor Steven Byvelds was told by Parisien that it was up to the Ray Ban Mirrored Wayfarer National Energy Board to decide if Energy East would commercially viable enough. That decision is expected in August.

"We want to be a good neighbour . and we are a good neighbour already."

The project also includes the construction of two pump sites, one in Iroquois and a second near St. Andrew's.

Parisien urged counties council to put constituents in touch with TransCanada as Ray Ban Clubmaster Aluminum Silver

At that point a new pipeline would be built that would traverse South Glengarry, exiting that township near Lancaster Heights into Quebec.

The new pipeline would enter S,D and G from the northwest corner of North Dundas, run east until it nears County Road 31. Then it turns south toward Iroquois, where it would link up with converted natural gas line. From there it would go northeast along Hwy 401 until St. Andrew's.

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TransCanada Corp. plans on building a new oil pipeline and converting a natural gas line through Dundas, Stormont and Glengarry counties, S,D and G council heard on Monday.

Oil pipeline to go through region

Parisien said TransCanada already had right of ways established for the route, some of it shared with competitor Enbridge.

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TransCanada wants to tap into the escalating production of heavy crude in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Monday was the deadline for bids from production companies to utilize the proposed 4,400 kilometre project.

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part of massive "engagement" process.

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Ray Ban Mirrored Wayfarer

Ray Ban Mirrored Wayfarer

The new pipelines would also increase tax revenue for the counties.

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